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Winter Maintenance


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Fountains in the Winter

Itís hard to give definitive answers to questions about winter and fountains because there are both subtle and major differences in our models and their ability to withstand the elements.  That said, here are some general guidelines to follow:  

  • If your area gets cold enough at night to leave a layer of ice at the top of your base, as long as it melts during the day you have nothing to worry about.  It is important, however, to turn the fountain off at night or on below-freezing days to keep ice from forming on fountain surfaces.  Ice accumulation could bend, crack or break the fountain.  Itís also wise to keep your water level high so that your pump is protected from freezing. 


  • If your area gets and stays cold enough to create ice during the day and stay frozen, you should consider draining it or bringing it inside.   If you drain it, you may want to place rocks on the fountainís legs to keep it from blowing over in the wind. 


  • If your area gets cold enough to create ice during the day, it stays frozen AND gets more than an occasional light snow, you should either (a) drain it and protect it from the weight of snow and ice as you would a prized shrub, e.g. build a frame and cover it with a tarp or plastic; or (b) bring it inside.

 Keep in mind though, that these are general instructions.  When in doubt, itís better to protect your fountain than take chances with weather damage!


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